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Zig Ziglar biography
November 6, 1926

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Zig Ziglar Zig Ziglar biography details the life of the man who wrote See You at the Top and countless other motivational self help books.

Zig Ziglar was born on November 6, 1926 in Alabama the tenth of twelve children.

At the age of ten days old he was pronounced dead by the same doctor who helped deliver him.

But through the shear determination and coaxing of his grandmother he was brought back to life and flourished as much as any child with twelve siblings can flourish.

At the age of five years old he moved with his family to Mississippi where his father had accepted a job as a farm manager.

The Zig Ziglar biography details how sadly, the following year in 1936, his father died of a stroke with his younger sister died two days later.

Ziglar looked on as his mother desperately tried to cope with looking after twelve children, six of whom where too young to work.

But she did so, and Ziglar was amazed at how her faith helped her.

Ziglar's childhood revolved around the local Baptist Church where he would attend the service not just every Sunday but every week day too.

It was while attending elementary school that he gained his nickname 'Zig'. His real name is Hilary Hinton Ziglar.

In 1943, when Ziglar was seventeen years old he joined the Navy, and was put into the V-12 Navy College Training Program at the University of South Carolina.

When he was discharged from the Navy in 1946 he began a career in sales. He first worked for the Wearever Aluminium Company selling pots and pans. At first he struggled and his sales where very low, but as time went by over the next couple of years he managed to improve his sales techniques.

It was during this time as he learnt his selling skills that he became interested in self help and motivation.

The Zig Ziglar biography states that in 1968 Ziglar moved to Dallas Texas to take up a post as vice president and training director for the Automotive Performance Company.

By the early 1970's Ziglar had changed his career tracks altogether and was working full time as a motivational speaker and self help author. He would often use his strong Christian values and upbringing as examples in his motivational speeches.

Ziglar's first book See You at the Top was written and published in the early seventies and went on to become a self help classic. It went on to be reprinted time after time and has continued to this day to be a best seller.

He has had a long and successful career as an author having had more than twenty five books published on subjects such as leadership, personal growth, and success, as well as countless audio programs and videos published too.

Ziglar is still travelling across the country giving motivational speeches to this day.

Some source material researched from Wikipedia with thanks.

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