What is belief - your beliefs
will affect your entire life

What is belief? Your beliefs define you as the person you are today. You are what you believe!

Luckily though, these can be changed, if you recognise the need to change them.

The idea of what is correct or what is incorrect has shaped not just your life but also world history. At one time it was believed the world was flat. It was thought that ships would literally fall off the edge of the world and disappear.

What is belief? Nowadays with our ability to fly all around the world, or even into space, the idea of the world being flat just seems ridiculous.

But that is the thing; it doesn't have to be true! You simply have to believe it is to make it the truth! The truth for you!

Let me give you another example. Up until the 1950's it was thought that no one could run the distance of a mile in less than four minutes.

At one point highly professional people such as doctors said that a mans heart and lungs would simply not be able to cope with that sort of work load.

And so, athletes still competed in races but would not attempt to run the mile in less than four minutes.

Let's face it, if the advice of highly intelligent people like doctors said you would not survive the attempt, you would have to be pretty stupid to even try.

But one man did not hold this belief. He believed it could be done!

And so on 6th May 1954, Englishman Roger Bannister, himself a medical student, went and did just that. He actually covered the mile in 3mins 59.4 seconds, creating a new world record.

Then the following month Bannisters' running rival, Australian John Landy, completed the distance even quicker in 3 minutes 57.9 seconds. Since then countless athletes have run the mile in less than one minute.

What is belief?

It just proves that once you change your beliefs the seemingly impossible becomes possible!

For us now, to look back on such ideas as the world being flat, and the four minute mile being unattainable, seems complete and utter nonsense because we know different. We hold different beliefs.

What beliefs do you hold?

Half the time you are not actually aware of your beliefs. They are ideas stored in your subconscious mind that get triggered in certain situations and events.

As ridiculous as the flat world idea is, could some of your beliefs be equally as ridiculous?

So, what is belief?

Has you life turned out as well as you had hoped or planned? Are you doing as well as your colleagues or old school friends? If not, why not?

Your beliefs are based on the notions you have about yourself, on others and how you expect events and situations to turn out.

If you get up in the morning and stub your toe on the bed you probably expect the day to only get worse. This then is the belief you have set for your day.

This in turn will affect your attitude to the day. When a few little things go wrong, as they do for everyone, your attitude will be to see this as confirmation that it is going to be a bad day.

If your idea is that you are naturally an unlucky sort of person, then every stroke of bad luck will confirm this. But more importantly, you will only begin to see the bad luck in your life and not even notice any good luck you have because your belief system will not recognise it.

For the person who sees their world as full of opportunities and possibilities, their beliefs will affect their attitude which will guide them to a better and more fulfilling life.

For the person who sees the opposite, then the opposite is what will happen! Life will be a struggle because that is the direction they are guided to.

To sum up, the world can be divided into those who believe the glass is half full, and those who believe it is half empty!

You need to discover which one of these beliefs you hold!

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