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Weight Loss Visualization -
feel the power of these visualization exercises

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weight loss visualization Learn how weight loss visualization can free you from costly diets and help you gain your ideal weight using the power of visualization and these simple visualization exercises.

It´s difficult for most people to understand how using the power of visualization can help them control their overeating and weight problem. Its easy to see why they have a problem connecting the two things together.

But the two things are connected, more so than perhaps they realise.

Everything you do is controlled by your mind. You sleep because your mind (your brain) tells you you´re tired. You eat because your mind tells you you are hungry, you stop eating because your mind tells you you´re full.

So it is your mind, or more to the point, your subconscious mind, that tells you when and how much to eat. This is where Weight Loss Visualization comes in and scores over diets.

Visualization is the most important step in manifesting weight loss.

A diet will help reduce the amount of calories that you eat on a daily basis. As you reduce your calorie intake your weight will reduce. That point is proven, there can be no doubt about that. There are a huge range of diets on the market, many costing large amounts of money, and shelf after shelf of glossy books in your local book shop.

But the problem with a diet is that although you learn to reduce your calorie intake it does not stop your mind telling you that you´re still hungry. This is why most diets always fail.

A large percentage of people finish a diet and then put back on the weight, or more, they lost! This is what makes the diet industry such a huge money making industry, because people go on diets time after time again.

But there is a different and more effective way to loose weight and you do this by using the weight loss visualization process.

The Weight Loss Visualization Process

Relax and let all the tension and stress leave you body. Breathe in deeply through your nose and breathe out through your mouth, slow your breathing down and feel you body relaxing.

Roll your eyes upwards into your eyelids as far as they can go without straining them. Rolling your eyes upward like this will allow you to reach the "alpha state" more quickly. To understand more about the alpha state please look at Visualization Exercises.

Think happy thoughts and put a smile on your face. It doesn´t matter what thoughts they are so long as they have a strong positive emotion and leave you feeling happy and lighthearted.

For a more detailed guide for preparing yourself to gain all the benefits of visualization go to the Visualization Exercises page from the link above.

Once you have become completely relaxed and feeling comfortable you can start the weight loss visualization process.

It is important to see yourself as the weight you want to be not the weight you are now. With that in mind visualize looking down while standing on the bathroom scales, see the dial or digital display showing your desired weight.

Whilst visualizing don´t see yourself standing there, as someone watching you would, but visualize as if you are looking through your own eyes.

See the weight on the scales, feel the emotion and happiness of reaching your ideal weight, feel the pride.

Using the weight loss visualization process visualize yourself in a clothes shop saying to the assistant that you would like to try on a dress/suit in your desired size. Visualize through your own eyes putting the item of clothing on, feel how comfortable it feels, see yourself in the mirror, notice how good you look.

Visualize opening your wardrobe doors and seeing the whole range of new clothes you have. Notice the different styles and colours that you´ve always wanted to wear but never felt comfortable in before.

Visualize looking at some recent family photo´s, see yourself already at your desired weight. See how good you look, how happy you are, feel that positive emotion.

Visualize yourself in other situations, at work, doing the shopping, washing the car, but always visualize yourself as the new slimmer version looking happy and confident.

Do this weight loss visualization process at least twice a day. First thing in the morning as you wake up and last thing at night as you go to bed to get the full benefits of visualization.

It would also help if you were to repeat some weight loss affirmations while you are visualizing to really help with the power of the visualization.

Image by Stefano Valle's at: www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=1499

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