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weight loss affirmations

Weight Loss Affirmations

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Weight loss affirmations are just what you need to help maintain a healthy diet, or maybe just stop you from overeating in the first place.

The diet industry has become a huge multi-national business over the last couple of decades. People are willing to pay out vast sums of money for the latest diet fad, fitness Dvd or weight loss recipe book.

But, you would have more success at losing weight by simply eating the money instead.

Most people who start a weight loss program begin by counting the calories they eat. They see how many calories they can eat per day and then look at how many calories each meal contains.

Those who have read other pages on this web site will know they are sending out the wrong message. If you haven't done so already take a look at The Law of Attraction or Cause and Effect. There you will learn that if you send out a message saying you are overweight, you will remain overweight because your main thought is a negative one.

It is also true that a lot of people actually end up weighing more when they have finished their diet than they did before they started it. This is because their constant thought is about being overweight.

Even those who do manage some weight loss through crash diets often put it straight back on again afterwards.

But there is an easier, more effective weight loss program that is so easy to do. Weight loss affirmations!

Take a look at the list of weight loss affirmations below and choose one, or maybe even two, that you feel comfortable with and repeat it to yourself over and over throughout the day.

Look at yourself in the bathroom mirror first thing in the morning and repeat the affirmation.

Next time your hand reaches out for another chocolate biscuit fire off "I eat only what I need" over and over until the temptation has passed.

Connect the affirmation to your weight loss visualisations.

Imagine yourself stepping onto the bathroom scales, and see the dial spinning round to your desired weight while you say to yourself the Weight Loss Affirmation "I maintain a healthy weight, I maintain a healthy weight, I maintain a healthy weight."

Diets tend to only concentrate on calories, but if you continually think of yourselves as being overweight you will remain overweight.

Instead of feeding your stomach, you need to feed your sub-conscious. Feed it with positive thoughts that you are slim, at your ideal weight, or getting thinner every day.

After all, the thought of hunger actually comes from your mind not your stomach. Reprogram your mind to think like a thin person, then through the Universal Law of Attraction you will become a thin person and remain so.

You might want to look at some affirmation exercises and tools to help speed things up a little.

Positive Affirmation for Weight Loss

"I'm losing weight now"

"Losing weight is effortless"

"I love the food that makes me thin"

"My body is getting stronger, slimmer,
and healthier every day"

"I eat only what I need"

"I eat like a thin person"

"I only feed my body good, whole, organic foods"

"I maintain a healthy weight"

"Every day I get closer to my ideal weight"

"I am losing weight today and everyday"

"I see myself at my healthy weight and I achieve it"

"I look and feel lighter today"

"I am fully committed to reaching my ideal weight"

"I love exercising and making myself healthy"

For those who struggle with affirmations take a look at the page on Afformations which might be of some help to you.

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