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Wealth Affirmations!
Affirmations for wealth and money you deserve!

Wealth Affirmations! Take a look at this Top Twenty list of affirmations for wealth and money. Read them, learn them and take them to the bank!

We hear so many times these days about cut backs, austerity measures, hard times ahead and home repossessions that you can´t help but feel the world as we knew it has gone mad.

But the truth is, even during these tough economic times, those with a lot of money made even more money. Yes, their wealth actually increased.

The old saying, the poor get poorer, while the rich get richer actually seems to be true these days!

So why is that?

Well, it´s probably because we are all going about with the belief that times really are tough. That constant self talk that goes on in our heads is repeating all the negative things we have heard and seen in the media.

We are under a constant barrage of negative hype. Without realizing it we are programming ourselves with the wrong sort of affirmations.

Poverty affirmations, not wealth affirmations!

That´s the difference between those who have more money than they need and those who barely have enough to get by.

Those with the money are thinking affirmations for wealth and money.

So, whatever your financial situation is right now, repeating these affirmations will help get you back in the right wealthy frame of mind.

Take a look through all the wealth affirmations and find one that suits you best, then repeat it over and over. Visualize money flooding into your life and bank account while you repeat over and over the affirmation "I love money, and money loves me. Money is flowing into my life from all directions" or whatever one you choose.

Each morning you look into the bathroom mirror say the wealth affirmation to yourself, repeat it over and over throughout the day. Each time that self talk in your head tells you how hard times are repeat the affirmation again and again and push that negative thought out of your head. Before you know it you will be in a completely different financial situation.

Wealth and Money Affirmations you can bank on!

"Unexpected income flows to me"

"My income is constantly increasing"

"I am prosperous"

"Money reaches me quickly and without any effort"

"I look wealth because I am wealthy"

"I’m a money magnet"

"I seem to attract money in every situation"

"I find money everywhere and money comes to me even when I’m sleeping"

"I love the freedom of having money"

"I always have everything I really need and more"

"I live in an abundant universe"

"I accept prosperity and abundance into my life now"

"I am open to receive money NOW"

"I love money, and money loves me. Money is flowing into my life from all directions"

"I am worthy of receiving abundance"

"Money comes to me easily and effortlessly"

"I choose to live an abundant life"

"There is abundance in the Universe and I whatever I desire, I can manifest"

"I fully open myself up to receive prosperity from the universe"

"The universe showers me with abundance everyday"

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