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How to use Visualization Exercises for the best results

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Learn how to use Visualization Exercises and obtain the life you desire. Let me show you the best and correct ways to carry this out.

To get the best out of these Visualization Exercises find yourself a quiet place where you won't be disturbed for five or ten minutes. Although the longer you can give it the better.

Relax, either lying down or sitting in a chair, and close your eyes. Roll your eyes upward as far as they can go without straining them.

Begin to breathe in deeply through your nose and breathe out through your mouth and let your body relax.

Remember to keep your eyes rolled upward.

Continue like this for as long as it takes for your body to become completely relaxed.

Having your eyes rolled upward like this will bring you into the "alpha state" more quickly.

The "alpha state" is where you brain waves slow down from the normal "delta state" of awaken living. Just before you drop off to sleep and just as you are waking up, when you are neither awake or asleep is how the alpha state feels. This is the ideal state for the visualization exercises.

It is important that you think back to a time, or place, of strong positive emotion. It can be any thought that brings the feeling of happiness, joy or love.

It might be recalling the birth of a child, passing an exam or even a family get together or holiday. So long as when you recall the thought you are left with a positive feeling of either happiness, joy or love.

With that thought in mind, recall the emotion you felt. What did you hear? What did you smell? Remember as much as you can, and make that memory and emotion as real and as strong as possible. Make sure it is a positive emotion you recall!

Once you have this memory fixed in your mind and you can feel the happiness, joy or love cursing through your body it is time to connect that emotion to your visualization.

You can now begin your visualization exercises. It is particularly important when you use the visualization exercises that you visualize it as being real, in the present moment, as if you already have it.

Whatever you want in the future you have to visualize enjoying right now.

So, let’s go back to the example of wanting a new car.

Now, don't just picture this car, visualize your hand reaching out and opening the drivers door. visualize the inside of the car as you slide into the driver’s seat.

See you hands on the steering wheel. Smell the newness of the car. Hear the music filling the car as you turn on the cars CD player to take a test drive.

You see now what I mean about detail. The more detail the better.

You are in effect the director of your own movie with you as the star. Do not become just an observer, sitting back and watching yourself in this movie.

You are the movie. In other words what you see, hear and smell is the movie.

Personally I have found the latter visualization exercise works best for me. I am living the movie, what I experience is the movie.

Visualize the scene at the car showroom when you pick up your new car. Shaking hands with the salesman, opening the car door, sliding into the drivers seat, smelling that new leather, starting the engine, hearing the engine rev up as you press the throttle. Waving goodbye to the salesman and driving off with your new car.

You have to make this experience as real as possible! Really believe that you own this new car. Really feel the strong positive emotions you would feel owning this new car!

When you use creative visualization this way the strong positive emotions energise your thoughts with such a powerful frequency the Law of Attraction returns those thoughts back to you as reality, far quicker than if you just consciously thought them.

The mind cannot distinguish between what is real and what is not, so if you use the visualization exercise with such reality and emotion then your mind cannot believe it is not the real thing.

The more you use these visualization exercises the quicker things will happen. It is best to visualize on a daily basis! Twice a day if you can.

After all you are directing the movie of your new life so why wouldn't you want to watch this movie as often as possible? But don't make it a chore, this should be something you enjoy doing.

Collecting pictures of whatever it is you want is also a good way to help this process along. Let's go back to our example of a new car, once you decide which make and model it is you want, visit your local car showroom and get as many brochures as you can.

Then simply cut out the pictures you like the best and stick them into a scrap book, or even better, stick them onto the fridge door or a cork board so that you can see them every day.

Get pictures of what the car looks like from the outside, pictures of the dashboard and steering wheel. Pictures of the seats, the headrests - as much information as you can.

This will all help as you visualize sitting in the car.

It should be easy to use these exercises to visualize all of this and turn it into a movie because you cut out all the pictures and studied them so you know what every bit of what the car looks like, inside and out.

Of course it doesn't have to be a car you visualize, use the creative visualization techniques to gain the perfect golf putt, own the house of your dreams, or even have the perfect relationship with your family.

Whatever it is you want, use the visualization exercises to get it. Put in as much detail and emotion as possible so that when you close your eyes to see it you really do believe it.

Use these visualization exercises to help become the Hollywood director of your dreams, and cast yourself as the star in the life you always wanted.

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