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The Release Technique -
take back control of your life

The Release Technique, formerly known as the Abundance Course, was developed by Larry Crane a student of Lester Levenson who was the original creator of the releasing and letting go process.

Do you want to take control of your life?

Well, it seems that now you really can!

Larry Crane developed the Release Technique, formerly the abundance course, after Lester Levenson died. Larry had been a student and good friend of Lesters, and was asked by him to continue his pioneering work after he was gone.

This technique, similar to the Sedona Method, teaches you how to release all your negative emotions, fears and feelings. This very powerful, simple and yet very practical tool will help create dramatic developments and improvements to the quality of your life.

Nowadays life has become so hectic and rushed that most people feel they are on a treadmill, simply doing their best to keep up. Todays technical advancements have made our homes far more comfortable and enjoyable to live in, if you can afford to buy them that is.

But, when these new technologies are introduced into the workplace they can often lead to increased levels of stress.

No one wants to be the one known as the one in the department who can´t work the latest computer system.

What then happens is that we tend to suppress these fears, bury them where they can´t be seen. But that is actually the worse thing any of us can do!

This is when we start to develop health problems, marital problems, and feelings of guilt . And before you know where you are those problems have taken over our lives.

This is were this technique can be such a benefit for you.

There are many other processes around that seem to offer the same or similar results, such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). But, good as these may be, they both suffer the same problem.

They cannot be carried out in the middle of a situation or event. They really only work best when they are carried out afterwards.

But, imagine if you were in a situation or public place that brought on a panic attack or a phobia. How do you think other people would treat to you if you suddenly started tapping around your eyes and face, muttering to yourself? I dare say they would look at you rather strangely.

But, unlike the other processes the Release Technique allows you to eliminate all and any negativity on the spot as a situation arises.

You will learn how to easily and quickly achieve all of these life changing benefits as you follow the course.

Many people would rightly feel a little skeptical about some of these claims, but the truth is they has been scientifically proved. Studies were carried out by Harvard, Columbia proving the dramatic effect of the Release Technique.

The only things that limit you and hold you back are the ones you carry around in your head. Learn to eliminate them and begin to live the sort of life you have always wanted.

What´s more the Release Technique even comes with a money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose by trying it.

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