Self defeating beliefs, what strange beliefs and mind set are holding you back

Self defeating beliefs are something that effect far too many of us! Your personal belief system is something very unique to you, it doesn´t matter what strange beliefs you have, they are very much of your own mind set.

These are things we develop over the years by events and circumstances that take place in our lives. We also develop this mind set from listening to our parents and those around us.

How many people in their 50's do you know who still have the idea that "money doesn't grow on trees?" They picked up this strange belief from listening to their parents when they where young.

Some self defeating beliefs where given to you by your parents with the best of intentions. But now you are grown up, and have developed your own personal belief system, they still linger in your subconscious mind and can now actually hinder you.

I once worked with a man who had a mind set of indecision and doubt on just about everything he ever did.

The self defeating beliefs he held from his childhood where that everything that could go wrong would go wrong. The world was a dangerous place, money was only for rich people and rich people where not to be trusted, and so on.

He was a lovely person, but it was no wonder he was suffering with such doubts and indecision.

His personal belief system wouldn't allow him to do anything without worrying whether it would go wrong, what would happen if it did and how would he cope.

The strange self defeating beliefs he gained from his parents that may, or may not, have served him well while he was young where certainly having the opposite affect in his adult life.

Not surprisingly, his negative self talk and belief that everything would go wrong often proved to be correct. And the cruelest thing of all is that it only confirmed his idea in the first place.

So his self defeating beliefs caused his life to spiral from one disaster to another in a self fulfilling prophecy.

Your beliefs change, not just yourself, but the whole world around you, so it is important to understand and learn the Belief Secrets that are available to you.

Repeating something often enough will make it elvolve into your personal belief system. How often where you told when you where young, don't build your hopes up or don't count your chickens, and money doesn't grow on trees?

So, by the time you have reached adulthood you have a fully formed mind set that it's best not to build your hopes up as they will only be dashed, so there's little or no point in even trying in the first place.

It's also true that you, out of love, will probably pass on the same self defeating beliefs to your children and them to theirs.

But worse still, is the fact that as you have had these strange beliefs for so long they have become part of your mind set, your personal belief system. In all, you are what you believe.

So, when a situation or opportunity does come your way this is probably what will happen. Firstly you will consider that's it best not to build your hopes up as they will only be dashed. You might then believe there is no point in even trying in the first place. Then your next reaction is to think "I'll give that a miss."

NewspapersNewspapers are also a constant source of helping you form your self defeating beliefs. Over the last couple of years, in the UK press, there has been a lot of coverage of fatal stabbings. You cannot pick up a newspaper without reading about another teenager being stabbed to death.

It is being reported so often that people develop a mind set that they cannot leave their own house without the risk of being stabbed to death.

Also, there has been so much coverage of how bad the economy is that even people whose circumstances are in good shape begin to believe what they read.

The effect is they cut back on their spending, making the whole situation even worse as now there are fewer people pumping money into the economy.

Because people tend to believe the written word far more than the spoken word, newspapers can often be the cause of a false impression.

My advice is to choose carefully what newspaper you buy, and be even more careful choosing what articles you read.

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