Robert Collier -
inspirational author and publisher
1885 - 1950

Robert Collier

Robert Collier was born in St. Louis on April 19 1885. As a teenager his mother died and his father was away a great deal travelling as foreign correspondent for Collier's Magazine, which was founded by Robert's uncle, Peter F. Collier.

After education in a church seminar school it was expected that Collier would go on to become a priest, but he decided against this and went off to try and make his fortune in West Virginia instead.

While in West Virginia he worked as a mining engineer and became an avid reader of all the books contained in the mining company office. It was through his thirst for reading that set him on the road to make writing his career.

After spending eight years in West Virginia Collier moved to New York City where he worked in the advertising department of his uncle's publishing company. It was there that he honed his talent for writing, developing ideas for circulars that went on to sell many thousands of copies.

After successfully beating an illness Collier became interested in the power of the mind, and in particular how the mind works in connection with illness and other areas of our lives.

Collier was convinced that if the mind could help cure an illness then it could just as successfully help cure peoples financial problems, business problems and relationship problems.

He threw himself in to studying hundreds of books and courses on New Thought metaphysics and success, what we would call today the Law of Attraction.

It took a considerable amount of time and studying before Collier managed to find all the information he needed, but when he did he set about writing a set of seven volumes on practical psychology called The Secret of the Ages.

Within six months of the books being published Collier received more than one million dollars worth of orders, a tidy sum for those days, or even these days too.

The books where a huge success with thousands of people writing to Collier telling of the results they had obtained from reading his books.

This prompted Collier to write four more courses, The God in You, The Secret Power, The Magic Word, and The Law of the Higher Potential.

The Law of the Higher Potential became a combination of all the above books and then was renamed as Riches Within Your Reach.

He also condensed the volumes of the Secret of the Ages into one book which went on to be a best seller for many years.

Collier died at the age of 65 in 1950 but Robert Collier Publications, Inc., is still in existence, run now by his great grandchildren. His books are in fact having a revival now through being mentioned in the book and Dvd on the Law of Attraction, The Secret.

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