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Positive Visualization - what benefits can this exercise bring

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A Positive Visualization is so important if you want to feel the benefits and power this form of visualization can bring.

Many people complain that they cannot visualize, when in fact the opposite is always true, but probably what they mean is they can´t manifest what they visualize.

The reason they don´t get the full benefits of their visualization is more than likely because they are not going about it in the proper way.

There are simple exercises that will improve the outcome of your visualization and put you on the right track.

But to feel the full power of visualization you have to be able to visualize in a positive way!

What do I mean by visualize in a positive way?

Simple! Always create a positive picture in your mind.

So many people do the exact opposite, they do not create a positive visualization they create a negative one. And the problem is they tend to do this throughout the day without even realising it.

They let their imagination run away with itself and create a negative visualization. They see (visualize) themselves doing the things they don´t want to do, being the person they don´t want to be, never achieving what they want to achieve.

In other words they are not creating their visualization positively!

As I have said in previous articles, your mind cannot recognize the difference between what is real and what is not real. This can be used to our benefit when we us creative visualization.

It doesn´t matter what the subject matter of your visualization is, you have to see yourself or situation as you want it to be. And see it in the now!

So if your weight is a little more than you want right now, you have to create a visualization of the slimmed down you wearing the clothes that you can´t fit into at the moment.

To make the visualization even more positive you have to feel the emotions you would feel if you were able to fit into those clothes. You have to visualize yourself looking into a mirror and the reflection you see looking back is the slimmed down you that you want to be. The new slimmer you is smiling back at you, happily!

That´s what a positive visualization is.

Visualize all the things you want in your life, visualize them often, at least twice a day, and then you will begin to see the benefits and power a visualization can bring.

Want to learn why Visualization is CRITICAL to The Law of Attraction - and how 21st century technology can make it all so much easier?

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