Paul Mckenna -
author, hypnotist & NLP coach
November 8, 1963

Paul Mckenna

Paul Mckenna rose from being a local radio DJ to the world renowned hypnotist and best selling self-improvement author.

Paul Mckenna was born on November 8 1963, in Middlesex, England. Not much is known of Paul's early childhood which he spent with his builder father and mother who was a home economics teacher.

At the age of sixteen Mckenna got a job as a DJ at an in-store Radio Topshop, and progressed to work for stations including Radio Jackie, Radio Caroline, Chiltern Radio and Capital Radio.

It was while working as a DJ that a chance meeting became a turning point in his career. He invited a hypontist to be a guest on one of his shows and became so fascinated by the subject he began studying the art purely for his own self-development.

It was not long though, before he began putting on small hypnotic shows in local pubs and clubs. At the time he was still working for Capital Radio but had by now progressed to doing a regular Sunday night show at the Duke of York's Theatre.

These shows became so successful that other shows where booked in theatres across the UK and Ireland.

Although his hypnotic shows where successful he was still working as a DJ and even worked for a brief time at BBC Radio 1. But in the early 1990's Mckenna quit working on radio altogether so he could concentrate on studying and improving his hypnotism.

In 1993 the television channel ITV broadcast the first show of The Hypnotic World of Paul McKenna, featuring members of the audience being hypnotised to carry out humorous activities. This show went on the be aired in 42 different countries.

At the time of making this TV programme Mckenna had been introduced to Richard Bandler the co-creator of NLP. While continuing his studies of hypnotism he also began studying neuo-linguistic programming.

During the 1990's Mckenna produced a number of TV programmes including The Hypnotic World of Paul Mckenna, Paul Mckenna's Paranormal World and Hyp the Streets.

Mckenna has conducted one to one sessions with many of entertainments show business celebrities, including Little Britian's David Walliams who Paul helped with his cross-channel swim for charity.

Mckenna has written and produced a range of self-help books, Cd's and Dvd's. His book sales alone reached £3.5 million in 2006 and he has become, accoriding the the Sunday Times, the best selling non-fiction author with his books published in 30 different languages.

I can personally recommend his book Change Your Life in Seven Days which I found to be a packed with new ideas and useful informative. He explains, in my opinion, the process of visualization extremely well.

In January 2008 Mckenna signed a £23 million deal with the Discovery Channel to make a series of self-help programmes, the first of which, I Can Make you Thin, was shown on The Learning Channel on 16 March 2008.

Some source material researched from Wikipedia with thanks.

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