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Learn about Paraliminals by Paul Scheele, co-founder of Learning Strategies. Discover personal development CD´s such as Living the Law of Attraction.

These personal development CD´s were created around twenty-five years ago by Paul Scheele using proven techniques such as nlp and whole brain learning, to help you create a better life for yourself.

Most people are probably more aware of subliminal CD´s that features a hidden, or masked message, below the threshold of your conscious awareness.

Paraliminals, on the other hand, do not feature any subliminal messaging at all!

Each CD, which lasts between twenty and thirty minutes, features special Holosync audio tones so that you automatically enter the ideal brain state for relaxation and learning.

After a short while, once you are completely relaxed, you begin to hear two different voices - one in each ear. It is important to wear stereo headphones to get the most benefit from this.

Each voice speaks to one part of your brain, while the other voice speaks to a different part of your brain. Each voice gives you valuable messages including instructions, advice, and exercises on creative visualization.

At first this can seem a little confusing as the voices are sometimes speaking to you at the same time, but after a while you simply relax into it and let the voices and music flow over you.

I have used a number of these CD´s now and find them to be very relaxing and beneficial. In my opinion they have both pro´s and con´s compared with the more known subliminal messaging CD´s.

I find the fact that you have to stop what you are doing and find the time to listen to a CD for twenty or thirty minutes a little bit restricting compared to some subliminal programs I have that allows me to carry on with my work whilst taking in the messages at the same time. Brain Bullet is one such program I use that has this capability.

That said, being forced to take a thirty minutes break leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed could also be seen as a pro rather than a con.

I´ve also heard it said that subliminals can take between 30 - 60 days to see any results, if you see any at all, and that most people simply do not continue with them for that long.

Paraliminals on the other hand, can achieve a much quicker and better result so long as you can devote at least thirty minutes of your day to listening to the CD´s.

In my honest opinion, I have used both methods and find them both to have their benefits although for different reasons. And with that in mind I will continue to use them both either together or at different times.

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