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Napoleon Hill biography -
1883 - 1970

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Napoleon Hill Napoleon Hill biography details the life of the inspirational author whose principles of success formula enabled him to write Think and Grow Rich.

Napoleon Hill was born in Virginia, USA, on October 26, 1883. He was born into poverty in a one-room cabin in the Appalachian town of Pound in Southwest Virginia.

At the age of nine his mother died and two years later his father remarried. By the time he was fifteen he had become a mountain reporter for many small town newspapers in the Wise County area.

He later went on to use the earnings from his writing to enter law school, but had to withdraw later for financial reasons.

But as a writer he went on to become one of America's best loved motivational authors. His fight against disadvantage lead him to devote more than twenty five years defining why people fail to achieve financial success and happiness in their lives.

The Napoleon Hill biography shows how his big break came in 1908 when he was given an assignment to write a series or articles about famous men of the time. As part of this assignment he was asked to interview the steel-magnate Andrew Carnegie, considered to be one of the most powerful men in the world at the time.

Carnegie considered that success was down to a simple formula that anyone could copy and with this in mind asked Hill to interview more than 500 millionaires to discover what this formula was.

Hill set about interviewing the likes of Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, Elmer Gates, Charles M. Schwab, Theodore Roosevelt, William Wrigley Jr, John Wanamaker, William Jennings Bryan, George Eastman, Woodrow Wilson, William H. Taft, John D. Rockefeller, F. W. Woolworth, Jennings Randolph, among others.

As a result of these interviews the Philosophy of Achievement was offered as a formula for success by Hill and Carnegie. Initially published in 1928 as a course called The Law of Success, it was later published in home study courses, including the seventeen volume "Mental Dynamite" series which continued until 1941.

The Napoleon Hill biography shows in 1937 Hill published Think and Grow Rich. This book went on to sell over 7 million copies and has helped thousands of people achieve the success they desired.

The secret to success is very simple but Hill felt the reader would gain the most benefit by reading through and discovering it for themselves.

He presented the idea of a "Definite Major Purpose" as a challenge to his readers in order to make them ask themselves, "In what do I truly believe?" According to Hill, 98% of people had no firm beliefs, and this alone put true success firmly out of their reach.

In November 1970 Hill died, having had a successful career as a writer, teacher and lecturer on the principles of success. Hill's book, Think and Grow Rich, has become the all time best-seller in the self help field.

Some source material researched from Wikipedia with thanks.

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