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Manifest Money every time
using these simple steps!

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To manifest money is probably the main thing most people want to be able to do, and the reality is it's really quite simple.

Some of you may have tried to manifest money in the past and failed and this was probably due to you beliefs around money or your failure to detach yourself from your desire.

What do I mean by beliefs around money?

Well take a look at some of these statements; see which ones ring true with you!

Money is the root of all evil

Money doesn't grow on trees

I'm not made of money

I can't afford that

Ever heard any of those saying as you where growing up? Ever said any of them yourself?

Well chances are, if you have or did, that your mind has been programmed to think of money in a negative way.

The other problem is detachment or, more specifically, not being able to detach yourself from your desire. The more you keep thinking about your desire, the more you are confirming the lack of it.

Okay, we've looked at the reasons why some people have failed to manifest money in the past, now let's look at the correct way of doing it.

These are the basic steps to follow to manifest money

  • Know the amount you want to manifest

  • Relax

Let's look at these steps in more detail!

Step 1. Know the amount you want to manifest - To manifest an amount of money quickly and effectively it is best to know how much you want. If you are not clear and precise about how much you want you reduce your chances of manifesting it.

It is true that you can just ask for money, and you will manifest money, but it can be a very hit and miss event where the amount you receive can be so small you won't even realise it has happened. Finding a penny down the back of the sofa may not change your life but you have achieved your desire to manifest money.

So be clear on the amount you want!

Step 2. Relax - Learning to calm your body also calms your mind and allows you to focus on manifesting money more easily. This is not difficult to do and is also very beneficial to you.

Find yourself a quiet place where you won't be disturbed for five or ten minutes.

Either lay down or sit in a chair and close your eyes. Roll your eyes upward as far as they can go without straining them.

Begin to breathe in deeply through your nose and breathe out through your mouth, let your body relax. Remember to keep your eyes rolled upward.

Continue like this for as long as it takes for your body to become completely relaxed.

It is important that you think back to a time, or place, of strong positive emotion. It can be any thought that brings the feeling of happiness, joy or love.

Now you are ready for the next step.

Step 3. Visualise - See in your minds eye the amount of money you desire. Feel the money in your hands or, if it is a large amount of money, see it as being a credit on your bank statement.

Create a moving picture of you owning and using this amount of money. Always view the picture through your own eyes, in other words see the scene as you would normally see it not watching yourself in the scene. Visualization is the most important step in the manifestation process. This point is most important!

Feel the joy you will feel when you manifest money for real.

Step 4. Let it go - Learning to let it go, or detachment is vitally important in the process to manifest money. This is probably one of the main stumbling blocks where people have failed in their desire to manifest the money they desire.

It is all too easy to spend your days looking out for the money you have requested. This is only natural but in actual fact it just emphasises the fact that you do not have the money yet. It sends out a vibration of lacking the money. So what you will get in return is more opportunities to lack money which is the exact opposite of what you want.

If you ordered an item from a mail order catalogue you would not spend all day standing by your window looking out for the delivery van to turn up. You would just go on about your life as normal, or let it go.

When you want to manifest an amount of money you send out a strong vibration into the universe which through the Law of Attraction will be acted upon. But, in the meantime the way you act must also send out into the universe a vibration that matches your desire.

If you desire to manifest an amount money yet constantly emphasis your lack of money your vibrations will be miss-matched and you will never succeed in being able to manifest the money you desire.

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