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Lester Levenson - the man behind the Sedona Method and The Release Technique

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Lester Levenson Lester Levenson went from his deathbed at the age of 42 to discovering a process that became the for-runner to the Sedona Method and The Release Technique.

Lester, a physicist and successful businessman from New York, suffered a massive heart attack in 1952, his second by the age of 42. After recovering enough, from what should really have killed him, his doctor, Dr Schultz, told him he was being sent home where he would need to rest and take things easy.

He handed him a list of medications he would need to take and told him to buy and wear a pair of loafers as bending down to tie shoe laces would put too much pressure on his heart.

Encouraged by the fact he was going home Lester Levenson asked when he would make a full recovery and be able to resume his normal active life.

The doctors expression and silence spoke more than words ever could.

Eventually, after what seemed like an eternity, Dr Schultz explained that the hospital could do nothing more for him. It would be better if he spent the rest of his time in the comfort of his own home.

When pushed by Lester as to whether or not he was going to die, the doctor replied that he simply didn´t know. With such a massive heart attack as Lester had suffered he couldn´t tell him if he would live for another year or two or simply drop down dead the next day.

For someone who had lead such an active life this was a devastating shock for Lester Levenson to come to terms with.

Lester Levenson goes home to die at the age of 42!

Once home in his penthouse apartment Lester quickly became overwhelmed by an intense fear of death. Each day could be his last! He could drop down dead at any time.

We can only imagine what it must have been like for Lester because nowadays there are heart treatments available to us that hadn´t even been invented back in 1952.

The severity of Lester Levenson's heart attack meant he faced either a sudden death or life as an invalid. Neither of which appealed to him.

Lester Levenson contemplates suicide!

He was left with the overwhelming fear of death, frustration and anger at his situation and a deep hatred for the doctor who couldn´t do anything more for him.

With a ready supply of morphine at hand Lester contemplated suicide!

But after several days living with the intense fear of death it dawned on him that he was still breathing, he was still alive.

That gave him hope!

As long as he was still alive there was a chance that he might some day get better.

Lester Levenson searches for Happiness!

Now with a desire to live and nothing better to do all day but rest, he began to question his life, "What am I? What is this world? What is my relationship to it? What do I want from it?"

Over time it became clear to him that what he wanted from life, what everyone in fact wanted, was happiness!

He set to analyzing his life and concluded that having money had only ever brought him momentary happiness, but not lasting happiness. Having a successful career had not brought him lasting happiness.

Lester Levenson examined all the times he felt happy and came to the conclusion that he felt happiest when he experienced love. After days spent examining this theory he came to the conclusion that lasting happiness did not come to him from other people loving him, but only from him loving others.

He realized that happiness equated to his loving!

Lester spent weeks reviewing his past relationships and love affairs, examining his feelings, analyzing whether he was being loving or simply wanting the other person to love him.

Lester Levenson learns to dissolve hatred!

The big question Lester wanted to know was whether or not he could control who he loved. Could he turn his feelings from hatred to love?

His thoughts turned to his doctor.

Could he love him, did he even deserve his love?

Lester came to realize it didn´t matter whether the doctor deserved his love, at the end of the day the benefit was for him not the doctor.

He began to turn the thoughts of hatred towards the doctor into thoughts of love and felt a change happening. To begin with he didn´t believe it as it seemed to happen so quickly. So, he tried again and was amazed to find himself grinning as he said, "Dr Schultz, I love you".

Excited by the result Lester wanted to try it on other events that had happened in his life. He thought back to times when he felt anger and hatred towards a person or situation, felt the tension in his chest and stomach build up but then ease and dissolve once he applied his thoughts of love.

A feeling of freedom came over Lester, and the feeling felt good.

As he says, "This insight on love, seeing that happiness was determined by my capacity to love, was a tremendous insight. It began to free me, and any bit of freedom when you're plagued feels so good. I knew that I was going in the right direction. I had gotten hold of a link of the chain of happiness and was determined not to let go until I had the entire chain".

Over the following days he spent all his time going over all the events he could remember in his life that had caused him pain or resentment, dissolving and neutralizing them one after the other.

Then, one day, he came across a stumbling block!

Lester Levenson loses control!

He was working on the last time he had seen one particular lover and no matter how hard he tried to correct the event with love he was still left with a feeling of despair.

He couldn´t understand what was wrong, why the feeling would not dissolve. The more he thought about her and they day she left him the more pain and anguish he felt. Eventually breaking down in tears, crying out aloud her name, he pleaded, "Why, why did you do it?"

He wanted to change what had happened, wanted to make her stay with him, wanted her to marry him and live happily ever after.

Then the realization of his thoughts hit him. He was still trying to control things! Even things that had happened more than twenty years ago! He had kept alive in himself all the pain of that day.

"Well, the hell with that," he said to himself. From that moment he felt the pain, anguish and despair simply melt away.

Then it hit Lester like a brick, all his life he had tried to control things. His relationships, his business dealings, the Government, the weather, everything and everyone he ever met he wanted to control so they would do what he wanted.

This was why he had suffered all his life with illness like ulcers, kidney stones, and of course the two heart attacks one of which had should have left him dead.

It was because he wanted to control everything and everyone!

The revelation made him once more go over his life and every time he came across a situation or person where he felt any pain he would simply correct it with love or stop wanting to change it.

It was now two months since he had left the hospital and he had made such tremendous headway in clearing out old painful memories and negative attitudes that his body surged with energy.

Some days it was more than he could do to stay sitting in his chair and he would have to go out walking for miles around the city to try and burn up the energy.

Not bad for a man who two months before had been sent home to die!

Lester Levenson asks "What is intelligence?"

Lester found that not only was his energy level up but he found it far easier to concentrate to. His mind was much calmer and clearer, this made him look into his mind and his intelligence. He began to ask, "What is my mind"? "What is intelligence?"

He realized that whatever had happened to him in the past had been preceded by thought. He became aware that he was responsible for everything that had happened to him by his own thoughts.

The realization that he had the ability and power to arrange his life however he wanted it to be gave Lester a tremendous sense of freedom.

This is exactly what we talk about regarding the Law of Attraction!

The more Lester thought through the incidents of his life and changed the past feelings to one of love and happiness the more his life began to change. The deep hatred for his doctor vanished once he changed the feeling to love.

The frustration and anger vanished too. And as they did his health began to return.

Lester realized that by simply releasing or letting go all his past negative feelings and emotions and replacing them with feelings of love he could gain happiness, health and contentment in his life.

Lester Levenson develops new powers

Lester eventually came to a state of pure blissfulness and found that he could achieve whatever he wanted with next to no effort.

After 3 months of working on himself Lester had developed such new powers that he could even move a cup across a table purely by the power of his thought.

He proved this fact to a few people but could see from the look in their eyes that this sort of demonstration needed to be kept under wraps as it seemed to unnerve some.

By now Lester was hooked on his new life and began reading books on metaphysics. There he was pleased to discover there were other people who had experienced the same things too.

He began attending metaphysics groups in the city and eventually began giving talks to them. What amazed Lester was the fact the he was quite happy to stand in front of a group of 60 or more people and given a talk without any feeling of nerves at all.

By now it was 1953, Lester Levenson was living a life, that in itself was an achievement, without any negative feelings, no past pain and anguish, no wanting to control everything and, more amazingly, in good health.

Lester Levenson becomes a millionaire

Looking back over this past business successes he realized that one thing he had never achieved was to make a million dollars. He also realized that the desire to make large sums of money was the very thing that had made him and many other people so unhappy and unwell.

Lester was convinced that using his new way of life he could make a million dollars easily with real estate, and so set out to prove it.

He began to buy up apartment blocks with no money down. Within six months he owned twenty three apartment blocks with twenty to forty units in each. He now had a million dollars worth of property in New York City bought by mortgage and no cash down.

Having proved that his new life theory could accumulate wealth he wanted to prove the next big thing. That he didn´t need any wealth at all!

Lester Levenson proves he didn´t need money

Lester became convinced that he didn´t need wealth, that all he ever needed in life would appear before him as he needed it and declared, "From here on, I have everything I need as I need it."

To prove this point Lester decided spend Christmas away from the cold in New York and visit Los Angeles, so he simply packed a back and left his apartment.

Within a block he bumped into an old friend he hadn´t seen for many years who reminded him that he owed Lester some money and paid him on the spot.

There was enough money for Lester Levenson to buy a round-trip to Los Angeles.

When he arrived in LA Lester called another old friend who just happened to have moved into a new apartment with a spare room and asked Lester to spend Christmas with them.

The next day he called another old friend who offered him the use of his car while Lester was in LA.

So with no thought or planning Lester simply walked out of his apartment found the money for a round-tip to LA, found accommodation as soon as he got there and then transport too.

After ten days Lester decided it was time to return to New York and phoned TWA to book a flight only to be told there were no flights available for the next thirty days.

This would have thrown most people into a panic, but not Lester, he simply said to himself, "Well, who needs a reservation? When I feel like going, I’ll go!"

When he was ready he went to the airport, walked up to the New York gate and asked, "Are there any no-shows?" He was told there was but would have to wait while everyone else was being loaded.

While he was waiting a women came and asked the same question. She was also told to wait and went and stood next to Lester. When the plane was finally loaded the man came over to where Lester and the woman were waiting, took the womens arm and put her on the plane.

Realizing what he had done his jaw dropped and he apologized. Lester calmed him down and asked when the next flight would be and if there was a seat available.

The was another seat available on a flight in an hours time which Lester took and arrived in New York two hours before the flight he should have taken landed. The first flight stopped many times on its journey to New York but the flight Lester was put on was the first non-stop LA to New York flight which is why he arrived two hours earlier.

This was the reason the man in the airport accidentally gave his first flight away.

So Lester proved that he found what he need when he needed it.

Lester Levenson leaves New York

In 1958 Lester made the decision to quit New York and move west to California. His original idea was to head for San Diego but while driving through Arizona he saw a sign for Sedona and he suddenly felt the urge to go there instead.

Arriving in the Old-West town he could immediately understand why he felt compelled to go there. The peace and beauty of the location immediately made him feel at home.

He bought an isolated ranch and felt totally absorbed in the peace and tranquility. Every so often he would drive up to Phoenix to give talks, and also to hold meeting in California and New York, continuing to spread the word of his discovery.

Lester Levenson died at the grand old age of 84, forty two years after being told he could drop dead any day!

Two students, Hale Dwoskin and Larry Crane, had became good friends of Lester Levenson during their studies with him. Before he died he urged them both to continue to promote his work and encourage people to find the peace and abundance that he had.

Hale Dwoskin went on to produce the Sedona Method, while Larry Crane produced the Release Technique.

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