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The Law of Detachment

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The Law of Detachment is crucial to understand so that you can allow your dreams to manifest

To begin to allow your desires to manifest you have to first visualise, affirm and then cast out your positively energised thoughts into the Universe. Then it is time to sit back and allow yourself to receive.

But this is where most people go wrong; they cannot simply sit back and allow, they begin to interfere.

The Law of Detachment is simply letting go!

Let go of deciding how it will turn up, let go of wondering when it will turn up and let go of worrying why it hasn't turned up yet.

Leave it to the Universe to work these things out, you cannot control these circumstances. The more you try the less chance you have of receiving what it is you desire.

This is because you are focused on not having whatever it is you desire. You are focused on the lack of it and so you will continue to lack having it.

But by using the technique of detachment, you affirm that what you desire is already achieved.

As I said before, I struggled with this concept for a long time and to be honest on the odd occasion still do. But I have had some spectacular results when I have managed to use the law of detachment and simply allow.

About a year ago I was sitting at home with my wife and daughter when without really thinking I said "I just fancy a box of chocolates!"

I actually named the make and brand of chocolates I fancied, and then never gave it another thought. It was just a thought that entered my head that I said out aloud.

But, within two or three days a box of chocolates turned up at our door. The exact make and brand that I had mentioned, which was even more surprising as we now live in Spain and it was an English make and brand that I desired.

The chocolate's where actually for my daughter from a neighbour, but the point remains the same. I desired them and said so and then, I detached from the thought, letting go and allowed them to manifest.

Although the chocolates weren't for me I was still allowed to eat some, and they where lovely!

But, if each time I came home I had asked if a box of chocolates had turned up, I can assure you that they probably never would.

Because I would have been too attached, my focus would be on lacking them. But, because I never gave them another thought, let go, they turned up.

This is why the law of allowing and the law of detachment go hand in hand, and can be difficult for many of us to get to grips with!

For me, I had no attachment to the box of chocolates, but what if it had been something else? What if it had been money I desired?

Some time back I read about a person who regularly found coins in the street as he went about his daily business. He was finding coins every single day, some where 50 cents and others only 1 cents, so he decided to do an experiment and visualise only finding 50 cent coins from then on. And it worked!

I decided to do a similar experiment although I wasn't concerned with what sort of coin I found. Each night I would visualise finding different coins as I went through the day.

So each time I took our dog for a walk I would consciously look at the pavement and the street to see if any coins had been lost there.

The result? Nothing! Not a thing!

The reason? Because I was too attached to the outcome! I hadn't used the law of detachment. I hadn't allowed!

And that is the difficulty with the law of detachment, the more you want something the more difficult it is to not become attached and let the allowing take over.

But the law of detachment is crucial to having your desire manifest!

Look at it another way. If you place an order with a mail order catalogue you do not constantly phone the company asking if they have got your order and when will it be delivered.

You simply place your order and let the mail order company get on with supplying you the goods.

This is the approach you have to take with the Universal Law of Attraction. You place your order and then sit back and allow it to manifest in your life.

It may not be easy, but the law of allowing really does work, when you combine it with the law of detachment.

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