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Law of Attraction Books
- be inspired to achieve your burning desires

Law of Attraction Books by these recommended authors have helped and inspired so many to achieve their burning desires over the last century

Because so many people wanted to change or better themselves a huge industry built up to help them achieve whatever their particular desire may be.

We of course are interested finding a new way of thinking. Finding a different way of looking at our lives and our surroundings and making sense of it all.

Law of Attraction books by these authors give us in-depth details on how to change our way of life for the better.

I first became interested in this area many years ago and have read and been inspired by many of these different authors and hope that you will be too.

Authors such as:

Norman Vincent Peale

Napoleon Hill Biography

W Clement Stone

Charles Haanel

Prentice Mulford

Wallace Wattles

Genevieve Behrend Biography

Robert Collier

Anthony Robbins Biography

Dale Carnegie Biography

Deepak Chopra Biography

Wayne Dyer Biography

Louise Hay

Og Mandino Biography

Zig Ziglar Biography

Oprah Winrey Biography

Paul McKenna

Dr. Joe Vitale

Jack Canfield Biography

Bob Proctor the Secret contributor

Esther and Jerry Hicks

What use are Law of Attraction Books?

That really depends on the person and what he or she wants. These books will help and give guidance to you, but it is not a question of simply reading them and expecting a life changing experience.

Often these books have exercises or instructions for you to carry out, and if you want to get the best results you have to do whatever is required of you.

If all you're wanting is a good read then this sort of book may not be the thing for you.

That being said, sometimes simply reading through the whole book can change the way you think and look at things to such a degree that it will alter your life.

It really all depends on what it is you want from these books.

As far as these books are concerned I have always found that unlike fiction books I tend to read them over and over again.

There is no doubt in my mind that to get the best from these books it requires them to be read more than once or even twice.

Once I have finished one book I move onto another, and maybe even one more before returning to the first book again. I find that each time I read through it again I gain a little more knowledge and pick up on things I missed the first time.

I highly recommend this approach; you simply cannot read a self help book too many times.

If you have a favourite book or author on the subject of the Law of Attraction, why not write a review and let others know why you thought it was so good.

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