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Inspirational Stories and Articles

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Inspirational Stories Inspirational stories and articles have a way of inspiring and motivating you into action. There are times, I'm sure, when you have felt lacking in confidence about certain areas of your life.

Inspiring stories and articles are just the thing to lift you back up and point you in the right direction.

Sometimes you can read a story or article in a newspaper or magazine that will stick in your mind and change the way you see and think about things.

When you read motivational stories how people throughout history have overcome adversity and beaten the odds it can only give you encouragement and hope in whatever problems you are going through now.

Do you have an original inspiring story or article that you would be happy for others to read about? If so, I'd love to hear from you. Please submit your story or article here.

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Miracle By Chance  Not rated yet
©Copyright - by Jeannette Gardner (December, 2007)

A Story of Love Destined to Be!

This is a 'true story' about how I met my Husband on a dating ...

The Dunkirk Spirit!  Not rated yet
One story that has always motivated and inspired me, and at the moment is very much in the news, is the evacuation of Dunkirk during WWII.

At the time ...

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