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Health Affirmations -
enhance and restore your health

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Health Affirmations can be seen as the medicine cabinet of our minds. These days we have become very conscious of what food items we put into our bodies. The modern trend for organic food has taken the western world by storm.

This can only be seen as a good sign. But maybe we should also be more conscious of what we put into our minds too!

Most doctors’ surgeries are full of people whose illnesses originate from their minds. That is not to say that these people are not really suffering. Far from it!

But it would be just as beneficial to you if you were as careful with your thoughts as you are with what you eat.

Below is a list of health affirmations that will help maintain good health in your life. They are also very useful to speed up the recovery of any illness you may have.

You subconscious mind cannot determine what is the truth and what is a lie, so even if you have a mild or chronic illness repeating any of these affirmations will rapidly increase your recovery.

Whether you are suffering now or not, choose an affirmation that suits your situation and say it as often as you can during the course of your day.

Say it to yourself first thing in the morning as you look into the bathroom mirror. This will start your day off to a good start. Then repeat it as often as you can during the day.

Use it in conjunction with your Creative Visualization to add even more strength to them!

Write it on a piece of paper or card and place it where you can see it often. But above all, repeat it and repeat it, throughout the day.

Repetition is the key to health affirmations.

You might want to look at some affirmation exercises and tools to help speed things up a little.

"I radiate good health"

"I am well, I am whole, and I am strong and healthy"

"My sleep is relaxed and refreshing"

"I am healthy, happy and radiant"

"My mind is at peace"

"I am healthy in all aspects of my being"

"I have balance in my life"

"I have vitality"

"I have the choice to change"

"I am healthy, healed and whole"

"My body heals quickly and easily"

"Every cell in my body vibrates with energy and health"

For those who struggle with affirmations take a look at the page on Afformations which might be of some help to you.

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