Start a Gratitude Journal - notice all you have to be grateful for

Start a Gratitude Journal to help make yourself aware of all the things you have to feel grateful for. Use it every day and feel your gratitude, grow.

The majority of authors who have written about the Law of Attraction, have stated that gratitude is one of the most important processes to adopt. The very act of showing gratitude is pivotal in receiving more things to be grateful for through the Law of Attraction.

Starting a Gratitude Journal is a very good way of consciously noticing things that you are grateful for.

You don't need anything special to start this journal, any notepad or spiral-bound pad would be ideal. But the point here is to go ahead and actually start it and continue to use it.


Well, all to often we go through our days and weeks never really noticing anything, things become routine. So the journal is a way of making you look back over your day in a different way.

Maybe you got court up in traffic on the way to work but still managed to complete the journey on time. Perhaps you where able to share a friends umbrella during a sudden downpour.

Silly little things like these may well have gone unnoticed before, but think about it, how soaked would you have been if your friend hadn’t been there to share that umbrella with?

Do you see what I mean?

Now let's look at how you go about writing a Gratitude Journal

How to start and keep a Gratitude Journal

1. Choose a page a day diary or blank notepad, preferably one that is lined, and keep it in a convenient place where it can be used easily at the end of each day.

2. Half an hour before you go to bed think over the events of the day and notice everything that made you feel grateful. The more you do this the easier it will become.

Gratitude Journal3. Write down five things that made you feel most grateful. It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant it might first seem, write it down. It might only be finding a parking space the first time, a friendly smile from someone, or even just a nice clear blue sky. It doesn't matter what it is, write it down.

4. Start to consciously notice things as you go about your day. Look for positive aspects to appreciate.

5. Carry on doing this day after day. Review what you have been grateful for over the past weeks, and notice when you are attracting more of these events in your present. Make a note in your journal each time this happens.

To start with you may find it difficult to find five things to feel grateful for. If that is the case then look for the obvious, food on the table, a roof over your head, your health - whatever your health situation may be. I say the obvious, but before, of course, they might not have seemed that obvious to you.

That's the power of a Gratitude Journal; it will make you take note of things that before you just took for granted!

As you continue with your journal you will begin to develop a more positive attitude to life. As this happens your vibration will change and strengthen and the Law of Attraction will begin to work quicker in attracting whatever it is your are trying to manifest.

Below is a video by Jack Canfield where talks about using this sort of journal.

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