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Genevieve Behrend biography -
author of Your Invisible Power

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Genevieve Behrend Genevieve Behrend biography details the life of the lecturer and inspirational author of Your Invisible Power.

Genevieve Behrend was born in 1881 in France and grew up in Paris. She became a student of Judge Thomas Troward, famous for his Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science, as well as the author of The Creative Process in the Individual.

Troward could rightly be looked upon as founder of the modern day self-help industry, influencing the likes of Napoleon Hill and Charles Haanel to name but two. Troward had the ability to explain rather complex metaphysical ideas in a way that even a child could understand.

Behrend learned this ability too studying under Troward from 1912 to 1914, soaking up his wisdom on spiritual philosophy, or as it became better known New Thought. Today we would be more familiar with the term the Law of Attraction.

She then moved to New York and established The School of the Builder which she ran until 1925. Later she established another school in Los Angeles whilst touring the major cities of North America as a lecturer, teacher and practitioner of Mental Science. She continued these tours and lectures for the next thirty five years.

It is easy for us to consider self-help gurus as a new concept but in reality they have been around for a long time, none more so than Behrend.

The Genevieve Behrend biography shows how she managed to get her message across to tens of thousands of people. Not just on stage but also through the new emerging medium of radio where her direct and engaging style was enjoyed by all of her followers.

She summed up her philosophy on New Thought by saying, "We all possess more power and greater possibilities than we realize, and visualising is one of the greatest of these powers. It brings other possibilities to our observation. When we pause to think for a moment, we realize that for a cosmos to exist at all, it must be the outcome of a cosmic mind."

When Behrend wrote her fist book, Your Invisible Power, she probably never realised what a huge success it would become. Of all the books she wrote this was to be the most popular.

Your Invisible Power set out to teach us all the power of visualisation as well as all the other concepts and processes she learnt from Thomas Troward. This is a very powerful book, yet it is set out in a simple and easy to follow way.

This book is highly recommended to anyone wanting to know more about the Law of Attraction.

If you have a favourite book or author on the subject of the Law of Attraction, why not write a review and let others know why you thought it was so good.

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