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Chinese Law of Abundance -
attract abundance and prosperty

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Chinese Law of Abundance will show you how to attract prosperity with the use of some abundance checks.

The Chinese Law of Abundance has been in existence for over 2000 years and has been adapted and updated for modern times to help you achieve financial abundance.

In this version you are going to use a blank check (cheque UK) as an aid to help you visualise to give you abundance and prosperity throughout the coming year.

This is very simple to follow, but first you will need to print out a couple of the abundance checks here! You could, of course, use a real blank check from your cheque book. Whatever suits you best! Then just follow the guidelines below:

1. Date the abundance checks with the current date

2. Make the check to yourself using your full legal name

3. Leave the amount box and line blank

4. On the line TO THE ORDER OF, write "paid in full"

5. Sign it "Chinese Law of Abundance"

And that's it, now simply carry it in your wallet or purse around with you at all times.

This must be done before the next New Moon. I have listed the New Moons for 2012 below:

January 23

February 21

March 22

April 21

May 20

June 19

July 19

August 17

September 16

October 15

November 13

December 13

In the above version you have deliberately not put a specific amount on the abundance checks. This is because rather than wanting to attract an amount in one go, you are allowing yourself to be open to attracting financial abundance all year long.

Another similar version, that I have used, is very simple. Once again follow the above guidelines but this time put in a specific amount. Also on the back put a date when you want to have gained this amount of money and the reason why you should have attained it. For example:

'By 31st December 2012 I will be earning this amount of money each year, and in return I will help others to earn the same amount.'

There are many ways you can use this idea to suit your own particular needs. In the book The Secret, Jack Canfield describes how he adapted a one dollar note to make it a one hundred thousand dollar note and stuck it onto the ceiling above his bed.

Every day when he woke up he would see that note and then visualise having that amount of money.

You could also take your bank statement, scan it into your computer and amend the figure to show you are in credit by whatever amount you want.

Then print this statement out and put it onto your fridge door or anywhere else where you will see it every day.

The thing you are trying to do here is to trick your mind into believing you have the amount of money, because as the saying goes, 'what the mind can believe - the mind can achieve'.

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