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Career Affirmations - regain your work place confidence

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Career affirmations can help give that little boost of confidence we all need from time to time. So many of us had such great ambitions when we started our working lives, we where going to reach for the stars, make it to the top, have the chauffer driven car and the big plush office.

So what happened? Where did all that ambition go?

Once you get settled down and have a family ambitions can all too easily fall by the way side in place of a steady wage.

Before you know it, years have gone by.

Sometimes you end up working in the same company so long you feel entrenched in your comfort zone.

That is when you begin to lose the confidence to try anything new or better with a different company.

Or maybe you have not worked for some time after having a family; this is when your confidence can very quickly evaporate.

Whatever your situation is, career affirmations can really help get you back in the right frame of mind.

If you've been out of the workplace for some months, imagine how you would feel if the main thought going through your head was "There is a huge demand for my particular skills and abilities"

Or, what if you have worked for one company for so long and feel scared to even look for a job elsewhere. This feeling could easily be replaced with the career affirmation, "Employers want to hire me."

Take a look through all the career affirmations and find one that suits you best, then repeat it over and over. Visualise attending the job interview while you repeat over and over the affirmation "Doors of opportunity and abundance are opening to me now" or whatever one you choose.

Each morning you look into the bathroom mirror repeat these positive affirmations to yourself. Before you know it you will look at yourself and your career with different eyes.

You might want to look at some affirmation exercises and tools to help speed things up a little.

Positive Affirmations for your Career

"My career rewards me with freedom and monetary abundance"

"I am passionate about my career and it reflects in monetary reward"

"I am prosperous"

"Doors of opportunity and abundance are
opening to me now"

"My ideal job is entering my life right now"

"My career is abundantly growing!"

"The right job for me and I are being brought together now"

"There is a huge demand for my
particular skills and abilities"

"I am successful at whatever I choose to do"

"Right this moment I am attracting the
perfect career into my life"

"Today I am excelling in my job like never before"

"I just always say the right things at the right time"

"I have the creativity, talent and charisma to generate more revenue for my company"

"I always have good relationships with my co-workers"

"Employers want to hire me"

"My work improves each day"

"I have a great eye for detail"

For those who struggle with affirmations take a look at the page on Afformations, which might be of some help to you.

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