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Learn how to benefit from
having an Attitude of Gratitude


Show an attitude of gratitude, learn how having a month of gratitude for all the good things you have in your life will lead to seeing the benefits of gratitude can bring.

It's very easy to misunderstand how the benefits of gratitude can help with achieving all your desires using the Universal Law of Attraction.

Especially when all you can see in front of you are reasons to be ungrateful about the situation and events you have in your life right now.

But it is vitally important that you develop having an attitude for gratitude for all the good things you do have in your life and recognise the fact there is always more good than bad.

Having run my own business for some years now, I am well aware of the ups and downs of business. But it is far too easy to allow my mind to concentrate on just how bad trade is in the down times.

I would find during my journey home I would go over in my mind the amount of money I had taken that day. Calculate how far below break even the business had sunk for the month. Project what would happen if this trend continued for any length of time.

All in all, my mind was filled with doom and gloom!

The more I thought, analysed and calculated about it, the worse the situation seemed to get.

To sum it all up, I had very little to be grateful about, far from it I had everything to feel ungrateful for.

In the present economic climate many of you may be going through a similar experience. It doesn't matter where you look, whether it be in the newspapers or on the television, all you can see is doom and gloom.

So where does having an attitude of gratitude come into all of this?

When everything seems to be against you, what is there to be grateful for?

You may well be asking yourself those same questions right now! I certainly did when I first read about the benefits of gratitude.

It took a long while for the penny to drop on this subject, or at least a long time to fully understand the importance of expressing gratitude.

But the point is we all have things to be grateful for.

Let's look at my business as an example again.

Yes business was down! Yes I was taking a lot less money! Yes I had a lot less customers! But, and this is a very big but, shouldn't I have been grateful for the customers I did have.

Shouldn't I have been having an attitude of gratitude to the fact that each day some customers did choose to spend their money in my business?

Yes of course I should, because if they didn't I wouldn't have any business left at all.

This is what I learnt from my study of an attitude of gratitude. The problem itself didn't change but the way I looked at the problem certainly did.

But if the problem is still the same, what difference does looking at it differently do?

This is where we come back to the Law of Attraction!

You attract into your life that which is your dominant thoughts!

And there it is in a nutshell! As I thought more and more thoughts of doom and gloom I found more and more reasons to be gloomy about.

But once my thoughts turned to having an attitude of gratitude, I attracted more and more things to be grateful for.


Expressing gratitude is one of the most important things for you to master in connection with the Law of Attraction! and it cannot be understated!

I'm not saying that it is always an easy thing to come to terms with, but it is vitally important that you do.

The benefits of gratitude are something that will touch every aspect of your life.

There is always something to show gratitude for. And devoting yourself to a month of gratitude is a good way to start. It doesn't matter whether it is about business, relationship, health or whatever subject you choose, just look for the little things in life that you can be grateful for.

After a whole month of gratitude you will become expert at seeing what you have to be grateful for, it´s also a good idea to start telling people your stories about gratitude. I don´t mean you should preach or lecture people, I simply mean you should let people know what you are grateful for. That way you will begin to see the benefits of gratitude more quickly.

The important point here though is that as we express our gratitude, the more we will attract to be grateful for.

There is not really much more to write about the benefits of gratitude, but that doesn't minimise its importance. If you only manage to gain one new skill through your studies of the law of attraction techniques then let it be how to practice gratitude.

Because an attitude of gratitude will turn your thoughts from doom and gloom into positively charged, fully energised thoughts that will be fired out into the universe to manifest as your desired wishes.

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