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Anthony Robbins Quotes
and Quotations

These Anthony Robbins Quotes and Quotations will make you stop, think and look at life in a new way. That is why Tony Robbins has been so successful for so many years. He makes you look at things in a different way.

Are you ready to take a look at your life differently?

Tony Robbins managed to change his life once he changed his way of thinking. See if any of these quotes and saying can help change your life.

Read and be inspired by the list of Top Twenty Anthony Robbins quotes below. You never know just what might happen!

When you find one or more Tony Robbins quotations that you like, or feel connected to, copy and paste it, enlarge the type size as big as it can go and print it. Place this in a spot where you will see it every day.

Anthony Robbins Quotes

"Most people fail in life because
they major in minor things."

"A real decision is measured by the fact that you've taken a new action. If there's no action, you haven't truly decided.”

"All personal breakthroughs begin with a change in beliefs.”

"Success is doing what you want to do,
when you want, where you want, with whom you want, as much as you want.”

"Everything happens for a reason and
a purpose, and it serves you.”

"Quality questions create a quality life.
Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers."

"If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you'll achieve the same results."

"The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives."

"When you are grateful fear disappears
and abundance appears."

"I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk their talk."

"Most people have no idea of the giant capacity we can immediately command when we focus all of our resources on mastering a single area of our lives."

"Questions provide the key
to unlocking our unlimited potential."

"The higher your energy level, the more efficient
your body The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results."

"Most people have no idea of the giant capacity we can immediately command when we focus all of our resources on mastering a single area of our lives."

"Beliefs have the power to create and
the power to destroy. Human beings have the awesome ability to take any experience of their lives and create a meaning that disempowers them or one that can literally save their lives."

"How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I'm committed to?"

"I've come to believe that all my past failure and frustration were actually laying the foundation for the understandings that have created the new level of living I now enjoy."

"If you do what you've always done,
you'll get what you've always gotten."

"In essence, if we want to direct our lives,
we must take control of our consistent actions. It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently."

"It is not what we get. But who we become, what we contribute... that gives meaning to our lives."

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