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Affirmation Exercises and Tools

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Affirmation exercises and tools will help enhance your positive affirmations and allow the Law of Attraction to work quicker for you. You will find that by using these exercises and tools you will attract what you want far more easily.

Before I started to use affirmation exercises, one of the biggest problems I had when using positive affirmations was to remember to constantly repeat them to myself. I would start each day by repeating whatever affirmation I was working with whilst I cleaned my teeth.

I would repeat them when I got into the car. But then, that´s when it started to get more difficult.

As I got further into my journey the traffic got heavier, I needed to concentrate more, then thoughts about the day ahead would penetrate my thinking.

Before I realised it, it was lunchtime and I had completely forgotten to say my affirmations.

As I have said before positive affirmations are short positive statements used to rewrite, or reprogramme, your subconscious mind. They are very effective in what they do, but they are at their most effective when they are repeated over and over again, time after time.

A couple of times in the morning and then in the evening before going to bed are simply not enough, not to rewrite whatever negative emotion you want to eliminate.

So this was the problem I faced, I knew there were things about my way of thinking I wanted to change, and I knew that repeating the affirmations were very effective and help make the changes I wanted. I just couldn´t keep myself focused on saying them to myself over and over again all through the day. I would simply forget! I need some sort of affirmation exercises!

Daily Affirmation Exercises

I have written in previous posts about choosing an affirmation that you want to use and writing it on a bit of paper and sticking that bit of paper in places you will see it throughout your day.

This is actually a very simple and easy affirmation exercise to do, it is also very effective, but it does have its drawbacks.

This method is fine if you spend all day around your house. But it is not always so easy to use this method in your workplace, especially if the affirmation you want to use is very personal and emotional to you. It could be very embrassing to have a post-it note stuck on your desk saying "I have a wonderful and fulfilling sex life." That would be bound to raise some comments from your work collegese.

So, what I would suggest is some affirmation exercises that are a little more subtle, something that will remind you but will mean nothing to anyone else.

Instead of having your affirmation on a post-it note, replace it with a symbol or even a doodle. So that each time you see it, it will remind you to repeat your affirmation without eveyone else knowing what your affirmation is.

With a little bit of training you can actually get yourself to associate an object itself with your affirmation. Make a connection with that object and your affirmation, then whenever you use or see that object you repeat your affirmation. Imagine how many times a day you look at your watch, or reach for the phone. So it doesn´t matter what the opject is so long as you make the connection. It could be the phone, your watch, a piece of jewellery or even a poster.


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